Al Imfeld

January 14th 1935 to February 14th 2017 


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“Al Imfeld’s parlour was always open 24/7 to guests, especially around his birthday, when the party never seem to end!“ remarked an African literature expert who was a regular visitor at Imfeld’s home after he helped her find her feet. 

Friends of Al Imfeld said that he could be sent off with a prayer of an African Muslim. How Fitting! During his life he made his spiritual ideology and beliefs his way of life by embracing every person regardless of their religion, ethnicity or social class. His personal mantra underlined the common ground, the connecting of our conditio humana and not the differences.

Dr. Al Imfeld studied theology, philosophy, sociology, afterwards journalism and agriculture. He worked as a development expert, and contributed as a journalist to newspapers and radio. In addition, he also published a variety of books.

  • Born into a small mountain farm family in the Napf area of the Swiss Alps - the eldest of 13 children
  • Became a Catholic Priest and earned a PhD in Protestant Theology in USA
  • Collaborated in early 1960ties with Martin Luther King
  • Became a reporter in Vietnam War
  • Specialised on African issues researching and teaching at different universities (e.g. in Nigeria, Kenya, India, Japan, Sri Lanka)
  • Studied tropical agriculture (MSc.agr.) and obtained an MS at Nairobi University
  • A member of the research team of the ‘Novartis Foundation on Sustainable Development’ in the 90ties – African agriculture
  • Published short stories, poetry- and science-books books, volumes on African agricultural history
  • His standard edition «Afrika im Gedicht» (Africa in Poetry, 815 pages, edited 2015 with Offizin in Zurich)
  • «AgroCity – die Stadt für Afrika" (The City for Africa) was his last book, published especially for his 82nd birthday party mid-January 2017
  • Always living his belief: respectfully accompanying persons which needed companionship
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